Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Business Connections of Central Florida

Hello everyone, today we have some information about an excellent referral group that can help you increase your business, wether you are in Florida or further afield :

The Business Connections of Central Florida referral groups have been established in Orlando since 1st April 2010 and have generated over $200,000 of closed business between it members through qualified referrals. The key to its success is a structured agenda and a professional management system through weekly meetings. The concept is very simple; Teams of business professionals are established in various locations which are limited to one person from each profession. Over a period of weeks training is provided on how to promote each others businesses to existing & potential clients increasing the marketing possibilities. The objective is to understand each others business and identify areas where each business can provide qualified referrals for each other.

All the business teams are structured to provide the perfect synergy within the group. Power teams are established such as a realtor, mortgage broker, title insurance, home inspection, home insurance, home security etc. Each power team will work closely together to promote a one stop service to clients. Another important aspect to success of referral groups are the connections they have with external business marketing and it is essential to build strong relationships with radio, TV and international marketing such as companies targeting specific clients. Brits In America is a perfect example of this as many of their clients and visitors to their web site are either marketing overseas or considering overseas investments. Each one of these potential clients would have a need for all of the services found within the business referral groups. With Business Connections of Central Florida their motto is “Its not who you are networking with, it’s who you are connecting with."

There are groups in various locations in Central Florida, and many new groups being set up. If you would like to find out more or visit your local group check out the Business Connections website - http://www.bcflorida.com/

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