Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alternative New York Landmarks

Hello everyone. Today we have some weird and wonderful landmarks in New York.

Caboose Motel
State Route 425,
Avoca, NY 14809

If you're looking for an alternate place to stay in New York then the Caboose Motel offers just that. Since 1986 the five cabooses have been open to the public, each sleeping between 5 and 6 guests and fully equipped with a shower, bathroom, seating, cable TV, telephone and bedrooms. Find out more at the website

Ghostbusters Headquarters
10 North Moore St,
New York, NY

The building once used as the headquarters for the film Ghostbusters is now an active New York Fire Department station.

Naked Adam and Eve
The Time Warner Center,
New York, NY

Standing in the lobby of the Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle, New York are two 12ft bronze sculpturers of Adam and Eve. Apparently holding Adam's genitals and posing for pictures is a favourite passtime for visitors to the Center!

Nipper the RCA Dog
7 Tivoli St,
Albany, NY

For over 50 years, a 25 foot, 4 ton "Nipper the RCA Dog" has sat on top of this building in Albany. A junior Nipper did sit near him but that now resides in Baltimore.

We have more Alternative New York Landmarks at Can you add any to our list?

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