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March 2011 Newsletter


Newsletter - March 2011

www.BritsInAmerica.us is sponsored by Moneycorp, Inc.

Moneycorp, Inc is a subsidiary of TTT Moneycorp Limited and was established in 2005 to provide local support and assistance to our referring partner network based in Florida and across the United States.

Thousands of people move to or purchase property in Florida every year from all over the world. In doing so, they will need to exchange their local currency into Dollars and transfer it here. The Moneycorp Group has a range of services to help people get the best rate, at the best time.

Moneycorp's Florida team are here to assist companies working with clients with international payment requirements.

Contact Moneycorp today on 407 352 5890 for more information or view their Brits In America webpage Here.

Business Profile

Seeking a new challenge?

Looking to live and work in America?

It is a dream for many.


There are a lot of sharks out there. www.MindMyBack.com act as your guardian angel, they will look over figures and sales particulars, a sales contract or property lease and give an opinion. They will advise where they feel there are difficulties that need addressing and point out potential scenarios and how to avoid them.

www.MindMyBack.com perform more than just due dilligence and can save you a lot of money, and trouble. View their Brits In America webpage Here.

Recent Additions

Some of the British run US businesses added this month to Brits In America include...

Deep Water Travel Cruise Planners

The Telly

Bankruptcy From Abroad

Expat Emporium

The British Shoppe

Filters Fast of Florida

The Library Coffehouse

Car Hire Florida

Mobile Auto Diagnostics


The Mailbox Center

Blind Design

Additional Sponsors

visa 2 the states


Divorce Online Texas

Business Plans For Visas

Go Go Web O

Contact Us

General Information - info@britsinamerica.us.

Advertising Questions and Information - advertising@britsinamerica.us.

To add a British Group to our Expat Pages - groups@britsinamerica.us.

To inform us of a British Business - business@britsinamerica.us.

Alternatively use the Online Form Here.

The Brits In America Newsletter

Keeping you up to date with all that's new at www.BritsInAmerica.us

We've come a long way since our launch in January 2010. The website started out covering Central Florida only. We now feature all of Florida, New York, Texas and California. In the next couple of months we'll be adding South Carolina and New England so if you know any Brits living in those areas then send them our way.

We've had over 1.1 million visits to site in 14 months and are growing. If your business isn't already included on the site then see the Advertising Pages to find out how you can list it. With prices from $99 it's a very affordable form of advertising and a great way to connect with new British clients.

Offer Of The Month20% Off all Banner Ad prices until March 31st 2011.

Pay just $100 $80 for an EXCLUSIVE Banner Ad on www.BritsInAmerica.us

Banner Ads are exclusive - meaning we will only place 1 banner ad in any category of business in any area of the website. For instance if you are a Realtor in New York and choose to advertise with us with a banner ad then there will be no other Realtor banner ads featured on the sub menu and information pages of the New York section.

See The Banner Ad Information Page for more details.

www.BritsInAmericaNetwork.us is our new Social Network for British Expats in America or those looking to make the move to the USA.

Like Facebook, it's free to join, you can create your own profile page, invite friends to join and make new friends too. You can join in with any of the discussions or start one of your own. Become a member of one of the many groups - already there are groups for Brits living in or interested in moving to Florida, New York, Texas & many other States. A group to find and socialise with fellow Brits, and for those looking to make the move to the USA, to ask any questions they may have about the moving process, and many more. New groups are being added all the time, you can even start one up yourself. You can also add pictures & videos, post your own blogs, chat with your friends online in our chat room or enjoy any of the online games.

What's going on?

Brit Chat

Our network has a chat feature and so we are planning to do a scheduled Brit Chat each month, at a time that suits Brits in the UK and USA. We will have a different general topic each month eg. Immigration, Visas, Real estate, business, British sports, etc, and are looking for moderators who have expertise or substantial knowledge to head up the chat and offer advice, answer questions etc on specific topics.
If you are interested in taking part then please see the Brit Chat Information Post Here.


Keep up to date with all the news from the new Orlando City Soccer Club. Steve Crane is our blogger with inside access. He's interviewed the manager and staff and even played with some of the team. You can follow all his posts Here.

Follow Steve Woodward and his family on their journey from the UK to the USA, via the visa application process, finding the right business premises, renting/buying a house, finding medical insurance, car insurance, driving test and licence and everything else inbetween. Steve simply wants a better life for his family and wants to get out to Florida "before England dissappears beyond the U bend." Read his blog Here.


Popular topics this month have included What do you miss and what do you like? Are you an Expat living in America, what are you missing from home? Bread, Sausages and Pints are mentioned a lot, maybe you have something different?

Discrimination. We've heard from a fair few Brits who have found it hard to settle in the USA, the locals just haven't taken to them because they are from abroad. Have you ever been treated this way?

A question asked by one of the network members was how do I go about Setting Up A US Business whilst in the UK? If you've got a question to ask then our forum is a great place.


There are many groups you can join on the Brits In America Network, some we've set up and others have been created by members. This month we're highlighting the Real Estate Group. The group is for general discussion on real estate and a good place to start before moving to a particular location. There's several discussions started including; if you swapped your UK house just what would you get in America? and a guide to buying a home in the USA.


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